(A.K.A Mr Dave) - DJ Unique started DJing in 1996 playing House and Garage music in local bars and clubs. He became Influenced by big UK producers such as Tuff Jam and Dreem Teem and began to develop an ear for the sound of the Underground. Since then he has been engineering and mixing R'n'B and Hip Hip complications under Pure Sensation. He is also working of various production projects and is set release a few gems under the Pure Sensation label very soon.


(A.K.A Mr Banks) - DJ Elite started DJing in 1995 playing R'n'B and Hip Hop music in local bars and clubs. Like most DJs at that time, Mr Banks jumped on to the House and Garage scene and started playing out in various clubs around London. In 1998, he started promoting at club moonlight. Under the name of 'vanity' he became a big name in the Garage scene. Since then he has been working on various production projects with DJ Unique. He is now turned his hobby into a full-time profession as a lead guitarist. Playing alongside the likes of Lemar, Beverly Knight, Omar and Joss Stone


A.K.A ???) - Dvs is knowen as the Bad Boy of Drum and Bass. He started DJing in 1997 when he picked up a Bad Company record and started mixing it on his mate’s belt drive decks :) Since then, he hasn’t looked back. Dvs has played out in various venues across London and has a few production projects coming out soon.


(A.K.A PcP) - Shakthi started MCing in 1995 with the Pheonix Road Show in local bars and clubs around Hounslow. He grew into an esablished MC and started MCing in clubs around london. since then he has taken a break from the music scene and is now ready to make his come back.

Ms 22 Ms 22

(A.K.A Ms 24) - She is the newest member of our team. She started her career as a vocalist in certain night spots around London. She moved into the Garage scene, and started MCing in clubs around the country.

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